What is loyalty?

Maybe we should start with “What is love?" But it’s not exactly that, but something that could be described as “a (long) lasting friendship with mutual benefits”: We give you something to make you happy – and this something you can trade in to reward yourself. When you are repeatedly rewarded for purchases or actions (behaviour), you stay longer and pay more and more often for our services (products). Yes, we know that you are “unfaithful”, or could be, but the trade-off for the both of us is so rewarding that we are “loyal” to each other.

What is the business case for loyalty (programs)?

When we talk about loyalty, we usually mean a loyalty program or a loyalty platform. A tech program (our Trigg Loyalty loyalty platform is a SaaS product) and a business strategy that makes you profit on your customers’ loyalty – or repeat purchases/activities within your brand ecommerce/retail environment.

Many successful brands and retailers in the Nordics and Europe (and in other mature digital markets as well) rely on some kind of retention strategy – they invest in keeping existing customers happy and avoiding what is often referred to as “churn” or opt-out. And they experience a pretty good ROI on their loyalty efforts. A recent survey conducted by our friends at Antavo is backing up this claim: “80% of companies who measure the ROI of their loyalty program reported a positive ROI, earning 4.9X more revenue than what they spend, on average.” (Antavo)

Of course, there is more business case evidence for the return on investment on loyalty. We’re happy to share more details if you want to stop by our office for a presentation, either in Norway or Sweden. We can do it digitally as well if you prefer that or is far away from our locations.

“80% of companies who measure the ROI of their loyalty program reported a positive ROI, earning 4.9X more revenue than what they spend, on average.” | Antavo

The smart loyalty engine you need

Loyalty pays off. But the ROI numbers should not be taken at face-value. Behind every loyalty program (and loyalty manager) is a short or long period of tweaking and fixing the strategy and execution – depending on market, knowledge, and resources – and not to forget, the technical setup, also known as the loyalty machine. We’ve been doing this for 25 years as loyalty specialists, so we know it can be a mess and a struggle – but finally we’re ready to let you do everything yourself – cheaper, faster, smarter, and as flexible and fun as loyalty should be. Trigg Loyalty is your future-proof loyalty platform for creating successful loyalty programs.

Nobody puts Hageland in the corner

The highly successful Norwegian garden retailer Hageland knows everything about taking care of customers. They’ve gone through a lot and learned a lot – but is now running a fine-tuned loyalty program with bonus as the main driver as well as using customer data in a smarter way. Oculos has been there all the way to assist – and some of the fundamentals and main features of the tech setup for Hageland have been incorporated in our new loyalty platform Trigg Loyalty. So this loyalty tech is now available for everyone who wants to do loyalty faster and better.